Visiting Blacksmiths in Ireland, 2018

A year and a bit ago I traveled to Ireland to attend the Sliabh Aughty Furnace Festival (since renamed the Woodford Furnace Festival). Along my journey I visited the Dublin National Museum of Archaeology which was showing an exhibit on viking ironwork. I then traveled by bus to County Wicklow to visit and work with blacksmith Finin Liam Christie. While there we made tongs and hammers. I then traveled west to County Galway where blacksmith Stephen Quinn let me hang around for a few days. He showed me a simple and elegant way to calculate a punch size for any desired hole, among other little tricks. Finally I arrived in Woodford, County Galway for the iron smelting festival….

Blacksmith Finin Liam Christie
Blacksmith Finin Liam Christie
Blacksmith Finin Liam Christie Two Horn Anvil
Blacksmith Finin Liam Christie forged hammer
Blacksmith Stephen Quinn Ireland
Forged Railing Blacksmith Stephen Quinn
Forged iron Stephen Quinn Blacksmith
Traditional Ironwork Blacksmith Stephen Quinn