Eric blacksmith power hammer

     What is lost as our collective attention focuses ever toward the future?

How do we recognize when to slow down and attend to the quality of what we have, rather than the desire for what we don’t?

Interaction between material, body, and mind allows for a direct means to explore this place we inhabit. The physical nature of manipulating the iron is a reminder that we are not separate from this world. 

Iron has played an essential role in the evolution of our species. It has shaped us as much as we shape it. How can the iron be worked so as not to dominate it, but create balance between the piece of ourselves we imbue and the essence of the material?  

If we choose to look closely we may catch a glimpse of our own story.


Eric Dennis is a blacksmith from Vermont, currently working in Greenfield, MA. He is passionate about traditional ironwork, bloomery smelting, and fusing calculation with intuition.

When not at the forge or deep in the woods hunting for iron ore Eric can be found high up on a cliff face, rock climbing… ideally on a sunny, crisp, fall day.