The Bradley Upright Strap Hammer

I am extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to purchase from a friend a 50lb Bradley Upright Strap forging hammer. This tool was manufactured in Syracuse, NY is the early 1900’s. After 100 years of use it has found its way into my humble shop where I look forward to getting to know it and working with it to create forged ironwork on a larger scale.

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Bradley Upright Strap Advertisement

Bradley upright strap forging hammer
Bradley 50lb power hammer upright strap
blacksmith power hammer bradley upright strap
Bradley Power Hammer 50lb upright strap
Bradley 50lb upright strap hammer

2 thoughts on “The Bradley Upright Strap Hammer

  1. robert newell says:

    my dad ran a steel blacksmith shop for drill steel
    they used to make steel wedges to shim high rise bldgs they wanted the bumps
    it prevented get loose they made 1000s
    it was cool
    sorry i have no photos

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